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Application of the BLU ROOM

The foundation for the idea and development of the BLU ROOM was laid by new scientific insights, especially in the field of space technology.


The bathing in and drinking of water is one of the most natural processes in the world. But not only water but light as well are for most organisms an essential part for survival. The BLAUE QUELLE with its BLU ROOM combined these two factors during a visit.

Without light, you will feel torpid, tired and depressed. Many organisms that are denied light will get sick. The BLU ROOM helps to counteract and prevent those weaknesses and deficiency symptoms.

The BLU ROOM and JZ Knight

On September 22nd, 2015 JZ Knight patented the unique therapy room BLU ROOM. Two and a half years later the patent was granted. You can find details to the patent here.

The room is octagon shaped and completely mirrored from the inside. Nine lamps emit medical UVB radiation in harmless dosage. Additionally, regenerative music in special frequencies supports the effect.

The deep relaxation state stimulates and supports evidently the self-regulating forces in the body and restore the natural order of the body cells.


By visiting the BLU ROOM, energetic blockades, chronic muscle tensions of the somatic and visceral musculature can be loosened and chronic diseases mitigated. The disordered cell areas have the chance to regain their structure and to communicate. Cell communication is increased. The immune system is also strengthened and the body's energy reserves replenished.

The visitor of the BLAUE QUELLE is led from the knowledge about the cure or the different starting points of wellness over a bridge, quasi the "BLU ROOM bridge", to more self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-healing and self-potential. Through the information and knowledge about oneself the visitor of the BLAUE QUELLE becomes a valuable conversation partner in exchange with his doctor, therapist, consultant or other persons of his individual trust.


The visitor of the BLU ROOM relaxes on a couch in a geometric room, an octagon, the harmonizing frequency music surrounds him and he is surrounded by deep blue light, as well as the invigorating rays of the UVB lights. These factors, combined with the mirrored surfaces of the room, create an atmosphere of security, leading to deep relaxation down to the cellular level. Medical UVB radiation promotes the production of the body's own vitamin D3 without having to fear harmful side effects on the skin.

If the vitamin D3 level of the visitor is already sufficiently high, the visitor protects himself from many diseases of everyday life by the session in the BLU ROOM!

The subsequent rest and relaxation phase in the rooms of the BLAUEN QUELLE or in areas of the Spa Park allow the visitor to draw new physical and mental energy. Here the visitor has the possibility to drink BLU ROOM structured water, which strengthens the effect of a session. Since the deep relaxation experienced in the BLU ROOM stimulates communication and metabolic circulation in and between the cells, the human body needs a structured water as generated by the BLU ROOM. This also facilitates the introduction of nutrients that are necessary for the building and repair of the body.

This makes the BLUE QUELLE a light and wellness oasis!