Press Release Cure Administration April 2019

Press release cure administration Bad Mergentheim April 2019

Blue light alleviates pain, increases concentration, promotes the generation of vitamin D and activates the powers of self-healing: new studies prove the great therapeutic potential of blue and ultraviolet light. Bad Mergentheim in Baden-Württemberg wants to move the "blue fountain" as South Germany's first "Blu Room" into the focus in the future.

Blue light as a natural medicine against many widespread diseases of our time: Numerous new studies, some from Germany, Great Britain, and the United States, show that particularly intense blueish-ultraviolet light can help to alleviate conditions such as back pain or itching in neurodermatitis, and it can give people more energy. In Bad Mergentheim, light therapy with ultraviolet light can be experienced for the first time in Southern Germany. The concept, which is already attracting numerous enthusiasts in the USA, is now set to conquer further parts of Germany starting in the Baden-Württemberg health resort, says Marianne Barlian, Managing Director of the new therapy center.


"Blue LED light on the skin stimulates the body's own processes, which can result in natural pain relief," explains Prof. Dr. Christoph Suschek, expert for light-induced processes at the University of Düsseldorf. 

Photo: Anton Blättler


In Bad Mergentheim, users benefit in particular from the unique environment of the new "Blu Room". It is located in the prestigious Spa Guest House in the midst of the more than 130,000 square meter Spa Park. With its bright floral splendor, its mighty trees, and extensive green areas, it is considered an oasis of relaxation.

"We deliberately chose this location," says Barlian. This gives users the opportunity to find an optimal ambiance for the subsequent relaxation phase after the treatment and to further deepen the relaxation experience. Bad Mergentheim's spa director Katrin Löbbecke sees the "Blue Fountain" as an important extension of the health resort: "We are pleased to be able to offer the framework for this unique form of therapy in Southern Germany within our Spa Park," she says.

Natural pain relief through blue light

"Blue LED light on the skin stimulates the body's own processes, which can result in natural pain relief," explains Professor Dr. Christoph Suschek, an expert in light-induced processes at the University of Düsseldorf.  There are very complex processes that take place in the human organism. Among other things, the blue light in the body releases thermal energy. The blue light also causes the release of nitrogen monoxide. This has a direct effect on the nerve endings. It reduces pain transmission there and has an active anti-inflammatory effect. According to the current state of scientific knowledge, there is evidence that nitric oxide supports the healing of injured muscles, according to Professor Suschek.

Professor Hubert Bardenheuer, head of the Centre for Pain Therapy and Palliative Medicine at the University of Heidelberg, predicts a great future for blue light. He believes that this could become a promising treatment alternative for many pain patients.

Blue light as a natural medicine against many widespread diseases of our time: Numerous new studies, among others from Germany, Great Britain and the United States, show that particularly intense blueish-ultraviolet light can help to alleviate complaints such as back pain or itching in neurodermatitis and make people more efficient.

Picture: Stefanie Hilpert


UVB light as the key to vitamin D deficiency

It has now been proven that ultraviolet light is essential for the production of vitamin D. Among other things, vitamin D strengthens bones and influences muscle strength. Studies have also provided evidence that it strengthens the cardiovascular system while reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer.
However, the body can only produce this vital vitamin with the UVB light of the sun, and it is virtually non-existent in food. According to the operators, nine medical UVB lamps in combination with fully mirrored walls of the "Blu Room" ensure optimum production of the body's own vitamin D in the skin, regardless of the time of day or season.

Blue light activates self-healing powers

"Blue light reminds the body of its power of self-healing," says Marianne Barlian. This knowledge of light physics was one of the bases on which she and her husband Reinhold Barlian decided to build the first "Blu Room" of Southern Germany in Bad Mergentheim. Bad Mergentheim is situated right where three beautiful German federal states touch each other: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse.
The “Blu Room” unlocks the healing power of blue light.  Developed in the USA the healing power of blue and ultraviolet light were successfully introduced in Bad Mergentheim in 2018. "The room shields from the external hectic world and wraps in a protective atmosphere of ultraviolet light. Users experience an extraordinarily deep relaxation down to the cellular level. Self-healing powers can be stimulated. Also the effectiveness of medically recommended therapies can be greatly increased," says Marianne Barlian. Users feel an increase of energy, and may also experience a strengthening of the immune system through the replenishment of vitamin D. The "Blu Room" has a preventive as well as a regenerative effect and combines light, frequency and sound therapy in one application.
First positive experiences in Germany
Today Germany offers only two other locations of this kind in Mühlheim/Ruhr and Weimar in Thuringia aside from Bad Mergentheim. A total of ten such facilities throughout Europe can be found, in Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The heart of the "blue fountain" is a mirrored room flooded with blue and ultraviolet light. Right in the middle of the room, users lie on a therapeutic couch for about 20 minutes and allow the light to affect them.  During a session, the cells are activated by extraordinarily deep relaxation, according to Marianne Barlian. This makes it easier to remove waste products and toxins.
Users also receive a bottle of water afterwards. They drink this water in the following 20-minute phase in the relaxation room. According to the manager, the "structured water" created by the light frequencies in the "Blu Room" supports the body in the process of purification. The managing director reports that the experiences of the first months are very positive.